Friday, June 29, 2012

Question 4

In your opinion, what are the roles and responsibilities for the Leader, Blog Manager, Schedule Manager and Public Relations Manager? Why?

Answer in the comments section below before week 2


  1. The leader is to keep the group on task as the group is easily side tracked, the blog manager upkeeps the blog as the other group members can post unrelated or inappopirate things on the blog, schedule manger is to make sure projects are done according to the scheduled time so to get everything done up and a public relations manager is to make sure the group maintain a favorable image in the eyes of the others as if the group is not favoured, then the group will not attract others interest.

  2. 1) The leader is suppose to lead all the group members in the right direction and keeping a track to make sure everything is going well

    2) The blog manager is suppose to keep the blog updated and make sure everything is posted there on time

    3)The schedule manager is suppose to make a schedule for each task so we have everything planned and that we can finish everything on time

    4) The public relations manager is suppose to make sure that each of the group members dont get in fights and that everyone is working together and contributing equally from their roles

  3. The leader is suppose to manage and lead the team. The leader is also supposed to help the group members and see to their overall work.
    The blog manager is suppose to post group discussions and our group work on the blog and keep the blog updated.
    The schedule manager is suppose to help witb the schedule the timing to finish a task at a specific timing and executing of plans.
    The public relation manager is suppose to communicate with the public and encourage us and maintain our group reputation.

  4. The leader leads the group and is in charge of the group.
    the blog manager makes sure the blog is to date and post the homework on the blog.
    The schedule manager makes sure that we complete our work before deadline and plans the date for meeting if we have a project.
    The public relation manager is to keep up the groups image.

  5. Public Relations Manager: Motivates, ensures that all group members work well with one another, conflict resolution. All of you are rather clear about the job scopes of the other 3 roles.