Annex E - Individual Reflections

I think that this research was quite challenging, as we had to complete it while having many performance task to complete. I also wished that we would still have more time, to improve the quality of our work. I think that this project has taught us how to improvise, for example, we had to find alternatives for information when we were unable to find a doctor available to interview.

I find that this research topic that we are currently researching on is really interesting. But unfortunately, other that books and online resources, we couldn't get an interview with a doctor. Also, we were also having other projects and Performance Task, it would be better as we would have more time to perfect out blog and results. From this project, I managed to accquire more information (General Knowledge), ways to research and teamwork. Teamwork in this project was important, if not, we would not be able to get all the things done.
~Steffany Yen

I find this research was stressful and fun as we needed to fulfill many aspects of this project while gathering the data we needed. I think that we have worked very hard on this project and that we are satisfied with our results. I have learnt many skills from engaging in this project that will benefit me in a long run. The things I learnt is probably not taught else where such as doing up a research proposal or a proper project. I hope to do these types of projects more often in the future.
~Cassandra Chai

I found the research topic stimulating and exiting! Yet on the same hand it was time-consuming and quite tough to complete as we were rushing to complete it with all our other projects, and we faced a lot of challenges in our way, like when we had been rejected for the interview we were required to think of a back-up immediately, and because our research topic was such a narrow one, we had a tough time trying to find books and websites to help us out. Either way, the project had thought me a lot of life skills such as patience and the art of staying calm at all costs. I also learned a lot about teamwork and have created close bonds with all my team members over the long period of time. So even though it had its pro's and con's it was a fruitful experience in all.

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