2.1 Hard Copy Resources

We plan to go the National Libraries in Singapore to look for the most recent medical books based on our research topic and write an edited summary of what information we have taken out from it which is related to our research topic. Not only can we seek information from medical books, we can also look for books that are written by people who had once contacted the Ovarian Cancer, and we can find out how her lifestyle was, to lead her to have Ovarian Cancer hence we can also include the information in our report and summary. 

2.2 Online Resources

We can use search engines such as Wikipedia and Google to find out more on our research topic other than the hard copy resources. Online resources such as doctor's websites, information websites, scientist websites that are related to our research topic might help us to know more and add to our report/summary. We have to make sure that these resources are reliable by comparing them to all online resources we have found and in the process, eliminating the fake ones.

2.2.1 Medical Archives

Under online resources, we can go into Medical Archives and documents in search of the information we need. Such archives are written by doctors and they are quite available on the internet. We would go to different archives and compare the similarities before writing on our report so as to have consistant and reliable information.

2.2.2 Blogs and Websites

Under online resources, we can go into blogs and websites created by patients that had once suffer from Ovarian Cancer and how they are recovering from it and how is their life. Not only that, we can also summarize the thoughts and information that we collect from such various blogs and websites.

2.3 Interview

We also plan to find a few doctors who specialize in pre-evasive action against Cancer or doctors majoring in Women's Cancer that are in Singapore, arrange an appointment and interview with them, face to face. When interviewing, we would ask relevant and constructive questions that we, as a group had thought up of, we might also record the interview only when given the permission. If they are not up to face to face interviews, we would also interview more doctors via email to gather more information. We will also plan to email interview with oncologists and find out about the factors that lead to Ovarian Cancer.

2.4 Survey

We planned to organize a survey for those who had contracted Ovarian Cancer to share with us their lifestyle and diet before they actually got the cancer itself. The survey would be done using Google and we might post them to Ovarian Cancer Websites/ Pages for them to do. The survey will mostly likely not happen as it is quite a sensitive topic for most people to talk about.

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