Annex B - Research Justification


Research TopicHealth

Chosen Area of Focus: Ovarian Cancer

1.Framing our research topic
1) Our chosen area in the topic is ovarian cancer as it is one of the common cancers in women in Singapore but is not well known and addressed by people.
Ovarian cancer refers to malignant growth arising from different parts of the ovaries. Ovarian cancer is a malignant tumor in one or both ovaries. There are 4 main types of ovarian cancer; the most common type is epithelial ovarian tumor. Ovarian cancer is the 4th most common cancer in Singapore. There are 280 cases diagnosed yearly based on the Singapore Cancer
Registry 2005-2009. It is the second most common female genital tract cancer.

(a) There is no confirmed cause for ovarian cancer but there are factors, which contribute to the risk. Some of the factors are late menopause, early onset of menstruation, late pregnancy and the family. Ovarian cancer is known to run in some families where family members may have increased risk of getting ovarian, breast and endometrial cancer (e.g. BRCA gene abnormalities) or increased risk of getting endometrial cancer, colorectal cancer in addition to ovarian cancer.

2.Reasons for choice of topic
1) We have chosen this topic, as it is rarely explored even though it’s one of the top cancer in Singapore for females. We would want to find out more about ovarian cancer, as it is quite common in females of Singapore.
2) This topic benefits our society, as some females are unaware about this type of cancer. By researching our paper on this topic we hope that we can help raise awareness.
3) We want all females to know more about the ovary cancer in detail. (E.g. the symptoms, effects and causes of ovary cancer, how to prevent it, etc.)
4) We can find the statistics of female Singaporeans who have contracted this particular type of cancer. This would allow people within our country to view the statistics of Singaporean females contracting this type of cancer.
5) We would want to help the people who has or had contracted this type of cancer to be more knowledgeable of the cancer they have and how to prevent it from spreading any further.

3.Feasibility of the research
1) The main point of our research is to create awareness for the people around us, as many people don’t know the severity ovary cancer can cause.
2) It is also possible to carry out the research as we can get and information on ovarian cancer from books in the library and also from reliable websites from the Internet. We furthermore intend to carry out an interview with some qualified doctors from the nearby clinics about ovarian cancer.
3) Our project is logistic and realistic as it can be, completed with the help of books, websites, etc., also with the help of a few qualified doctors who would be willing to give us some first hand information about our research topic. With our additional hard work we will string all the information we gathered together and make it into a realistic and logistical report of ovarian cancer.

4.Manageability of the research
1) The different components of the project will be later decided. Overall, we shall do it quickly and as carefully as possible. We will try not to stray from the topic and stay as close to it as possible.
2)This research provides ample opportunities for group and outdoor work. We will have to meet up often to discuss matters regarding the project. For example, we would meet up to discuss how to string all our findings together into a report.
3) Although there are bound to be some difficulties along the way, such as lack of information and miscommunication etc. However we intend to solve these problems by meeting up together and discussions on, Google documents, and other online platforms that will help us to sort these difficulties out.
4) We all have little to none of free time, each of us bear our own responsibilities and that includes the project, therefore we shall try our best to finish on time, in which we know we will.

5.Accessibility of the information required
1) Information/knowledge that will be relevant to our research would be the amount of time people usually spend on trying to be cured for this type of cancer, how do most people contract this type of cancer (do they have a higher risk of this cancer if they eat certain food stuff) and if the doctors specialized in this area have additional information on this topic itself.
2) We will be obtaining this information from primary and secondary sources, depending on which one gives more reliable and useful information, such as doctors themselves who treat ovarian cancer or information reports of the topic itself.
3) Some alternatives that we have thought of would be to ask others for information or where can we find the information that we need.
4) Some problems we are anticipating is not being meet up to due to our own different schedules and responsibilities

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