After having gone through online and hardcopy resources, we have found ways to lower the risk and prevent ovarian cancer. One of the ways include people to start implementing in their lifestyle, not only is it low cost, it also promotes healthy living. This is more of a solo act dependent on the person itself.

However there are a few limitations in some of the ways that we found out. As for one of them, it is costly and a permanent change if one were to have their ovaries removed forever, this only reduce the risk by 90 percent and the women wil still have chance of getting ovarian cancer. Another limitation is that by taking cancer prevention pills, we would not know if the risk of ovarian cancer be higher if the person was to start later. This is also costly as resources has said that the pills could cost up to $75000 annually. Another way is to go for annual full-body checkups.

There are indeed types of foods that actually reduces the risk of getting Ovarian Cancer, such as cauliflower, brussels, when taken at a regular basis can help one reduce the chances of getting it. By reducing the stressed or anxious that you might be having ovarian cancer doesn't, instead it leads to a higher risk of it. 

Although these methods has their own advantages, we should continue searching for new ways to lower the risk of ovarian cancer even further by collating all our data and results together.

Other than methods of prevention/reduction of Ovarian Cancer, we managed to find the high risk groups too. Ovarian Cancer mostly occurs to women who are above 60 and those who have mutation in their genes. It was even mentioned that Fertility Drug contributes to the increase of risk, but there is no confirmation in it as not much research was done in depth. It's normally found when the cancer had developed into stage 3/4, quite a late stage. 

To broaden our research topic, we also touched on breast cancer. Coincidentally, the thought of breast cancer is also the mutation BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. A child only needs to inherit one copy of the mutated gene to have an increased cancer risk. Children who have a parent with the BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation have a 50 percent chance of inheriting the mutation. But for breast cancer, it can be prevented at a earlier stage then ovarian cancer as women can perform breast self-examination everyday on their own, not only is it easy, it helps save lives when it is detected early.

More research could be done such as interviewing with doctors specializing in pre invasive  cancer for woman. We could also have interview the victims of ovarian cancer patients (if they allowed us to) and find similarities between their lifestyles, dietary measures and so on.

We can conclude that there are different types of methods that can prevent/reduce the risk of Ovarian Cancer, but due to the topic being overlooked, not much research was put into it. Fertility drug intake was rumored to cause Ovarian Cancer, but due to insufficient proof, we cannot confirm if it is a fact or just a rumor. Thus, we are unable to have definite proof to tell that how big an impact it has on the risk of Ovarian Cancer and if the diet might work as its not researched in depth.

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