From the data collected, it was found that ovarian cancer that fertility drug intake was accused of contributing to the risk of getting Ovarian Cancer. The book also states that patients that were diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer should avoid refined sugar and white flour during cancer treatment, as it contributes to cancer relapse/second cancer. As the first book states, women can take cancer-prevention pills in their daily diet, it can only prevent and reduce risk, but the ovarian cancer might still occur. 

Just by having a healthy lifestyle, such as excising regularly, maintaining appropriate weight and so on, might help to reduce the risk of Ovarian Cancer. By having a appropriate diet with all the nutrients that is needed for your body, and the reduction of consumption of red meat & alcohol, and a regular intake of foods such as brussels sprouts, cabbage, and cauliflower can also cut down the risk of cancer as they are contain a large amount of sulforaphane. Limiting the amount of fat intake also help reduce the risk of contracting Ovarian Cancer. 

We also managed to find out that by having Ovarian Cysts, you might have a chance of being diagnosed for Ovarian Cancer as the cysts detected might cancerous. By going for annual or frequent checkups, you might be able to discover whether if you have Ovarian Cancer. With an earlier discovery, you are able to go for treatment immediately and you will have a higher chance of recovering or being cured from it.

We found out more about groups of people who are at the high-risk area for contracting Ovarian Cancer. They are mainly people whose family history has strong Ovarian Cancer or strong Colon Cancer even those who has mutation of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. For those who have mutated genes, there are ways to reduce/prevent it. One of them included removing of ovaries. Even endometriosis, infertility, and early menstruation can all increase a woman's chances of developing ovarian cancer. 

 Just by altering ovarian function does help to reduce the risk of ovarian cancer. Such as, taking oral contraceptives or giving birth and breast feeding for just five years might help to reduce the risk of Ovarian Cancer.

We also found out more about Breast Cancer, and methods of how we can discover it at a earlier stage - mammogram and/or Breast Self-Exams. And the benefits of discovering it at a earlier stage are that you might be able to be cured from it completely. Not only that, we also found the high risk age group for Breast Cancer which are, women aged above 60 and men aged above 50.

We also managed to find out the common stage at which when Ovarian Cancer is found and other complications that were inflicted when a women is diagnosed with it. 

Sadly, not much scientific research was put into this matter, thus, we do not have definite proof that certain food intake and lifestyle can affect the chance of getting Ovarian Cancer, as well as how much impact it has with the risk. 

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